On May 26, 2018, LFTC will be hosting its 4th Annual Benefit Gala. This year’s focus is on Mental Health Awareness and Education. Funds raised from the event will fuel the creation of a mental health educational outreach program for the youth of Montreal.

The Gala will be held at Le Livart, a contemporary art museum in the heart of the Plateau-Mont-Royal. In addition to hosting the gala, LFTC will be launching a week-long educational art exhibition from May 21st-25th highlighting the work of Montreal artists. This exhibition will contain educational content showcasing common mental health issues and will aim to demystify myths related to mental health and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. Through education and creativity, our goal is to create experiences for the community to learn about the unique challenges faced by those suffering from mental health issues.


Mental Health Education and Outreach

This year’s focus is on Mental Health Education and Outreach. Funds raised from the event will fuel the creation of a mental health educational outreach program for the youth in Montreal. The program, the Mindfulness & Emotion Regulation Workshop, will be piloted by the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, the beneficiary for the 2018 Gala.

Under the supervision of Dr. Johanne Renaud, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Medical Chief of the Child Psychiatry Program at the Douglas Institute, two clinicians, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) knowledgeable staff will be sent into high schools in the CIUSSS-ODIM territory to deliver the Mindfulness & Emotion Regulation Workshop. The workshop will target grade 7 students as they start high school and will cover essential components of emotion and mental health, as well as emotion regulation, mindfulness, and some key DBT concepts.

As far as we know, this project is unique in Quebec. Live for the Cause and the Douglas desire to educate and provide tools to adolescents, allowing them to recognize the early signs of mental health disorders and help them understand that they can create a fulfilling life for themselves. Effective tools can be provided to children and adolescents to help them effectively cope with and manage changes that can at times be overwhelming. We seek to disseminate a core message to these youth in need; that there is no shame in living with mental illness.


The Livart is a multidisciplinary contemporary art center, a place of exchange, meeting and creation in the heart of Montreal. This is a unique and unprecedented concept in the metropolis. In order to ensure regular traffic and accessibility to the public, the space offers a program of exhibitions, parties, courses and workshops; and invites artisans, artists and citizens to produce and exchange around a common subject; contemporary art.


Lined-up for the evening is a stellar cocktail gala beginning at 6:00 pm. The evening’s venue will feature Live for the Cause’s week-long Educational Art Exposition, exploring creative avenues to understand and demystify myths relating to mental illnesses. Accompanying the art expo, guests will enjoy a cocktail dinatoire, local entertainment, philanthropic opportunities, prizes, and much more!

Drawing inspiration from the famous novel, The Secret Garden, the Gala will embrace an outdoor garden theme, reflecting the nature in which many suffering from mental illness seek refuge.

Your $125 ticket will include:

  • A Cocktail Dinner
  • Alcohol (Open bar)
  • Entertainment
  • Art Exhibition
  • Educational Circuit

There will also be opportunities to make contributions throughout the evening.

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Live for the Cause is accepting donations for our 2018 Gala. Your donation will contribute directly to the Mindfulness & Emotion Regulation Workshop.


If you have any questions or comments about the upcoming 2018 Gala, please feel free to reach out!